Guest in Korean? 손님?

Guest in Korean

Guest in Korean?

How to say guest in Korean? In Korean, the word “guest” can be expressed as “손님” (sonnim). Here’s a breakdown of the term and some additional information to help you understand and use it appropriately


  • Pronunciation: son-nim
  • translation: Guest


  • “손님” Is a polite and general term for a guest. It is suitable for most situations and levels of formality.


  • You can use “손님” in various contexts, such as welcoming someone to your home, addressing customers in a business setting, or referring to someone invited to an event.

Politeness Levels

  • In Korean, politeness levels are important. If you want to express a higher level of respect or politeness, you can add honorifics.

For example

  • 고객님(gogaegnim): This is a more formal and respectful term for a customer or client.
  • 소중한 손님(sojung-han sonnim): This translates to “precious guest” and adds a touch of warmth and appreciation.

Cultural Note

  • In Korean culture, hospitality and politeness are highly valued. Using the appropriate term for “guest” is a way of showing respect and making people feel welcome.

Remember that the level of formality and politeness can vary based on the specific situation and your relationship with the person. Adjusting your language accordingly is an essential aspect of effective communication in Korean culture.

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