How to say customer in Chinese?顾客?客户?

How to say customer in Chinese

How to say customer in Chinese?

How to express customer in Chinese? In Chinese, the term “customer” can be translated into different words depending on the context and the type of customer you are referring to. The two most common translations are “顾客” (gùkè) and “客户” (kèhù). Let’s explore both in detail


  • 顾(gù): This character means “to attend to” or “to take care of”.
  • 客(kè): This character refers to a guest or customer.

Together, “顾客”(gùkè) can be translated as “customer” or “client” This term is commonly used in the context or retail, restaurants, and businesses that provide services.

Example sentence

  • 这家商店的顾客服务很好。(The customer service in this store is very good)


  • 客(kè): Same as above, meaning guest or customer.
  • 户(hù): This character refers to a household or a group of people.

Together, “客户”(kèhù) can be translated as “customer” or “client” as well. It is often used in a more formal or business-oriented context, such as in financial or professional services.

Example sentence

  • 我们公司的客户来自世界各地。(Our company’s customers come from all over the world)

When choosing between “顾客” and “客户“, consider the formality of the situation and the nature of the business. Both terms are widely understood and used, but”顾客” may be more appropriate in casual or retail settings, while “客户” might be preferred in professional or corporate contexts.

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