How to say customer in Korean?고객?고객님?

How to say customer in Korean

How to say customer in Korean?

In Korean, the term for “customer” is “고객“(gogaek). Here’s a detailed explanation of how to express and use this use this term, along with additional information related to customer service

Basic Term

  • 고객(gogaek): This is the standard and most commonly used term for “customer” in Korean.

Politeness and Respect

  • In Korean culture, showing respect to customers is important. TO convey politeness, you can add the honorific suffix “(nim)” after “고객“. This is a common practice in customer service interactions.
  • For example: 고객님, 이 상품에 대한 문의가 있으신가요?(Customer, do you have any inquiries about this product?)

Formal and informal contexts

  • In professional settings and customer service, it’s important to use formal language. In more casual or informal contexts, you might hear the term “손님(sonnim)” used, which also means, “customer” but is generally considered less formal.

Written Communication

  • In written communication, such as emails or official documents, you can use “고객” to address the customer. Additionally, the honorifics “(ssi)” or “(nim)” can be added for extra politeness.

Cultural Considerations

  • Koreans often place a strong emphasis on respect and courtesy. It is common to address customers using honorifics and polite language to create a positive impression.

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