How to say freight in Korean? 화물?

How to say freight in Korean

How to say freight in Korean?

To express the concept of “freight” in Korean, you can use the term “화물“(hwamul). Here’s a breakdown of the term and some additional information on expressing freight-related concepts in Korean


  • English: Freight
  • Korean: 화물(hwamul)


  • English: Cargo
  • Korean: 화물(hwamul)

Freight Transportation

  • English: Freight Transportation
  • Korean: 화물 운송(hwamul unsong)

Freight Forwarder

  • English: Freight Forwarder
  • Korean: 화물 운송 대행업체(hwamul unsong daehaeng-eopchae)

Let’s look at how you might use these terms in sentences

  1. I need to ship some freight. – Korean: 나는 화물을 보내야 해요. (Naneun hwamuleul bonaeya haeyo.)
  2. The company specializes in freight transportation. – Korean: 그 회사는 화물 운송 전문입니다. (Geu hoesaneun hwamul unsong jeonmul-ip-ni-da.)

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