How to say play in Chinese?玩?运动?

How to say play in Chinese

How to say play in Chinese?

How to express play in Chinese? In Chinese, the word “play” can be translated into different words depending on the context and the type of play you are referring to. Here are a few common Translations


  • This is a general term for play or to play. It can be used in various situations, such as playing games, playing with toys, or engaging in recreational activities.
  • 玩游戏(wán yóuxì) – Play games
  • 玩具(wánjù) – Toys


  • This term is used when talking about playing sports or engaging in physical activities.
  • 运动会(yùndònghuì) – Sports meeting

弹(tán) / 演奏(yǎnzòu)

  • These terms are used when talking about playing musical instruments.
  • 弹吉他(tán jítā) – Play the guitar
  • 演奏钢琴(yǎnzòu gāngqín) – Play the piano

Remember that the pronunciation and characters may vary slightly depending on the specific dialect or region of Chinese. The examples provided here are in Mandarin Chinese, which is the most widely spoken dialect.

To express the idea of “playing” in a more casual sense, you can simply use the verb”“. If you have a specific context or type of play in mind, feel free to provide more details for a more accurate translation.

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