How to say to visit in Korean?

How to say to visit in Korean

How to say to visit in Korean?

How to express to visit in Korean? In Korean, the verb “to visit” is expressed as “방문하다”(bang-moon-ha-da). Let me break down the components of this word and provide more detail


  • This is the noun form of “visit” in Korean. It represents the action of visiting a place. The first syllable “방”(bang) means room, and the second syllable “문”(moon) means door, so together “방문” implies going through the door or in a broader sense, entering a place.


  • This is a verb-ending in Korean, and it is a added to the stem of the verb to create the action. So, when you add “하다” to “방문”, you get “방문하다” which means “to visit”.

Step-by-step guide on how to use it in a sentence

  • If you want to say “I will visit a friend’s house” you would say “친구집을 방문할 거예요.”
  • 친구집(chingu-jip): Friend’s house.
  • 을(eul): Object marker.
  • 방문할(bangmoon-hal): Future tense of “방문하다” (will visit)
  • 거예요(geo-yeyo): Future tense marker.

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